Be extra vigilant about locking homes, garages and vehicles.

Town of Dane Residents should be extra vigilant about locking their homes, garages and vehicles and all entrance doors to homes and garages. Several recent incidents have occurred in the Town. Do not leave vehicles unlocked with garage door openers in them or with any valuables in plain site. Most burglaries occur when vehicles, homes, garages, and businesses leave a door unlocked. These are some of the easiest crimes to prevent with a little vigilance on the part of everyone.  Be watchful of activity in your neighborhood and report anything suspicious to law enforcement immediately.

2024 Update:

On April 10th, 2024 Dane County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a rash of car break-ins in the Town of Dane, and Town of Vienna.

The break-ins occurred overnight on the night of April 10th, 2024 into April 11th, 2024. The Ripp Road Neighborhood as well as the Cuba Valley Road Neighborhood were victims of the car break-ins. The suspect has not yet been identified, however, the investigation is still ongoing.

The Sheriff’s Office is urging citizens to lock their vehicles and remove any valuables. 
Theft is a preventable crime of opportunity that can happen in just moments. Following these simple steps can prevent you from becoming a victim. 

1.    Check vehicles to ensure you have removed all valuables
2.    Lock your car doors, and ensure your garage door is secured
3.    Walk around the inside of your home and lock/secure all doors and windows
4.    Turn ON outside lights
5.    Report any suspicious activity

While sharing information on social media can be valuable, the Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to report any information to your local Law Enforcement first. When reporting a crime please include as much information as possible to include location, description of subject, direction of travel, and if any potential security camera footage is available.

How to Report;
Non-Emergency (608) 255-2345
Emergency 911
If you have additional questions please contact Deputy Jodi Hager @ (608)444-7099 or [email protected]