Town of Dane Adopt-a-Road

Town of Dane Adopt-a-Road Program

The Town of Dane has joined the State of Wisconsin DOT Adopt-a-Highway Program to help keep our town roads beautiful. You can adopt a 2-mile segment of a road in the Town of Dane. A group, individual or family may be a sponsor. You and and/or your group will then be responsible for picking up litter on the segment at least 3 times a year between April 1 and November 1. No fee is charged for the program. The Town of Dane will erect acknowledgment signs announcing your sponsorship and provide safety vests and other equipment for litter control. All members of the group must review the WI-DOT safety video and safety information before beginning work.

Please see the Wisconsin DOT Adopt-Highway Page for more information:

Wisconsin DOT Adopt-a-Highway

Please review the Adopt-a-Highway Safety page for the safety video and more information on safety while working on the road:

Adopt-a-Highway Safety Home Page

Adopt-a-Highway Information and Safety Brochure

If you are interested in joining this program, please contact Town of Dane Chair Dave Koenig for more information:
[email protected]