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Dane County Zoning for Zoning Permits and Information:

More Dane County Zoning Information:

Dane County Zoning Ordinance (revised Chapter 10 of the Dane County Code, revision adopted by Dane Town Board 3/4/2019)
Town of Dane Zoning Map (revision adopted by the Dane Town Board 3/4/2019)
Zoning District Fact Sheets
Dane County Zoning Permit Process and Form
Understanding Dane County Zoning

A Zoning Permit is required prior to obtaining a Town Building Permit. Permits from other regulatory agencies such as Dane County Land & Water Resources, Madison/Dane County Public Health, Dane County Highway Department, and/or State Department of Transportation may be needed prior to a Zoning Permit being issued.

You will need a zoning permit from Dane County if you are doing any of the following:

  • Building a new structure
  • Constructing a deck or pool
  • Altering a building
  • Adding to a building
  • Repairing a nonconforming building
  • Doing structural repairs

You must apply for a zoning permit from the Dane County zoning office before beginning any of the above-described projects. Once a permit has been issued, you may begin work immediately. Dane County inspects your project to make sure that construction takes place according to the permit. Typically two inspections are needed; however, a location survey may be required in lieu of the first inspection. Zoning staff will issue a certificate of compliance if your project meets all applicable ordinance provisions after the post-construction inspection.

Dane County Zoning 2019 Fee Schedule Link: 2019 zoningfeescheduleDane County

Note: Your project may also require a driveway permit (if applicable) and a building permit from the town in which your project is located.

Please check with the Town of Dane Clerk or Building Inspector for local driveway permit and building permit requirements. You will need a driveway permit (if applicable) prior to applying for a zoning permit with Dane County. You will need the zoning permit to apply for a building permit from the Town.

Town of Dane Building Information (see also Building Inspector Page under Departments):

Town of Dane Zoning and Building Permit Requirements

Town of Dane Building Permit Fee Schedule 6_11_18

Town of Dane Driveway Ordinance

Driveway Permit Form

WI Uniform Building Permit Application

Dane County Information on Wells and Septic Systems from Public Health Madison & Dane County:

Private Well Information: Private Wells
Private Septic Systems: Private Septic

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Highway Right of Way Issues:

The width of the road Right of Way by Wisconsin Law is presumed to be 66 feet (when no government acquisition records exist).

The Town is responsible for removal of trees, brush, and other vegetation in the right of way (which may include crops approaching the Town roads) in order to keep the roads safe for travel (WI Stat 82.03 and 893.83). Note: If any tree falls from adjacent land into any road right-of-way, the owner or occupant of the land shall immediately remove the tree from the road right-of-way. If the property owner following notice from the Town does not remove the tree, the Town may remove any fallen tree or trees therein and charge the cost to the property owner (WI Stat 66.0627

Legal Discussions from Wisconsin Towns Association with Reference to WI Statutes:

Permitting Activities in the Right of Way (April 2018)
Highway Right of Way Issues (Dec. 2016)
Managing Highway Right of Ways (August 2014))

Land Divisions

The Dane County subdivision ordinance governs the division of land into smaller parcels. This ordinance includes requirements for layout, public streets, improvements, dedications and lot design. It applies if you divide one or more lots from your property, with any lot 35 acres or less in size. A certified survey map (CSM) is required if the division of land will create fewer than five lots. A subdivision plat is needed to create five or more lots.
You or your surveyor may submit a CSM or plat to the County Land Division Review Officer. That Officer approves CSMs for the County, while the Zoning and Land Regulation Committee approves plats. Your town must also approve the CSM or plat, and if your land is near a city or village, the city or village must also approve the CSM or plat. A lot is not legally created until the approved CSM or final plat is signed by all approving authorities and recorded at the Register of Deeds Office.